Advance Your Publishing Goals

In my post, Who Will Manage Your Literary Estate?, I share the unfortunate fate of author Robert Donald Thornton. He lived his writing and publishing life under the misconception that securing a publisher's book contract is the most important goal. That's why his memorable book is now long forgotten and among the digital dead.

 A publisher's contract is one goal and an important step to advance your career.

Your most important goal is to cultivate readers.

And, your ever-growing readership represents your legacy.

Let's talk about your publishing goals!

In this 45-minute phone session, you specify the topic(s) and/or question(s).

As your coach, trainer, and consultant, I provide you with the following. 

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    Structure and Context: As a publisher would listen to you as an author, I'll prioritize our points for discussion and provide you with the appropriate market context. 
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    Smart Questions and Troubleshooting: I'll ask you provocative questions in order to develop your 'big picture' thinking. I'll ask you straightforward questions in order to identify potential opportunities, as well as obstacles that you may face in pursuit of your goals.  
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    Constructive Feedback: Based on our discussion, I'll clarify the strengths of your current direction, as well as point to any misconceptions about the book publishing business that may be holding you back unnecessarily.   
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    A Skill-focused Action Plan: This is a nice way of saying that I will give you homework. From our discussion, we will agree to a skill you intend to master (networking or time management, for example). Then, we will agree to a specific action step by a specific date. 

Special Offer Session

This phone session is available only as a $99. Special Offer.  It is subject to availability on my calendar.   

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