39 Law & Order Episodes in the Arts

No matter where you are in the world, Law & Order is playing on a screen somewhere. While there are several brand spinoffs, I'm partial to the original series. When it debuted in 1990, I arrived in New York City, sight unseen, as a new editor at HarperCollins. I remember how exciting it was to walk all around Manhattan and to see different production sets on location. 

When it comes to the murder investigations, I am not surprised that in the show's twenty year run, the publishing industry leads the way with at least nine murder plot lines, followed musicians and film producers. ​

For all of you Law & Order fans who are writers, artists, and creators of all kinds, I put together a guide to the creativity-fueled episodes (1990 to 2010). 

Your thoughts on why publishing leads in the number of murder investigations?  

Paint Pallet

"Prisoner of Love"

The investigation into the death of a controversial artist reveals that he was involved in twisted sex games with two powerful figures. 

Theatre actor


An aspiring actress dies from a drug overdose. Investigation reveals that her domineering mother may have driven her to suicide by forcing her to act in a pornographic film.

Theatre actor

"His Hour Upon the Stage"

The frozen body of a Broadway producer is found five years after his death. Stone suspects that a show investor and producer's girlfriend were involved. 


"Star Struck"

An obsessed fan is charged with the brutal beating of a soap opera actress. During the trail, he claims a voice in his head told him to do it. 

Photography Camera

"Skin Deep"

Logan and Cerreta investigate the death of a fashion model photographer and discover that the photographer's real business was prostitution.

Theatre actor

"Extended Family"

A Broadway producer's daughter is abducted from a department store. Later, she and her mother are found in a woman's shelter. 



A 19-year-old co-ed accuses a crude heavy metal artist of rape. However, Kincaid fails to reveal an important detail about the accuser to Stone before trail. 


"Blue Bamboo"

A singer claims Battered Woman Syndrome as an excuse for killing her former employer, whom she claims abused her during her employment.


"Family Values"

During the investigation into a wealthy publisher's death, the victim's daughter claims to be having a relationship with her mother's new husband. 



Briscoe and Curtis go to Los Angeles to question a personal trainer about a movie executive's murder. During the investigation, Curtis finds a potential romantic interest. 



Briscoe and Curtis serve an arrest warrant on a Hollywood director in the film executive murder case. Opposing counsel--Jamie's ex-husband--challenges the warrant. Jack and Jamie now must go to L.A. to defend it.



The prosecution's murder case against the Hollywood director threatens to fall apart. And the case could cost Jamie her job and custody of her child, and it could cost Curtis his marriage. 



The investigation into the murder of an up-in-coming editor uncovers a love triangle between the victim, a pretentious writer, and a jealous attorney. 



Detectives suspect that a best-selling novelist was shot because she was having an affair with a married FBI agent who was helping her with research. It turns out that they have the right motive, but wrong suspect.


"Surrender Dorothy"

The DA's office believes that a well-known psychologist/author may have driven his daughter-in-law to suicide because of her increasing rebellion against his "submissive wife" philosophy.

Paint Pallet


A man claims he acted under extreme emotional disturbance after he murders the woman who sponsored a graphic painting. 



Detectives discover that a murdered concert violinist was having an affair with her orchestra conductor.


"Swept Away"

A Reality Show cast member kills one of his fellow cast members during a heated argument. But was the confrontation staged?


"Formerly Famous"

Briscoe and Green suspect that a washed-up former Vegas lounge singer may be connected to his wife's murder. But they also discover that his wife has a history as a con artist. 


"3 Dawg Night"

A hip-hop star goes on trail for the murder of a night club patron who accused him of being a sellout.


"True Crime"

McCoy becomes suspicious of a former police officer and current true crime writer investigating the death of a controversial rock singer, when the singer's wife is killed. 



A promising young writer confesses to the murder and robbery of a cabbie and demands that he receive the death penalty. 

Theatre actor


The child of a popular comic dies after he is reportedly thrown out of a window during a fire. 

Theatre actor


A popular Broadway composer is accused of murder. His psychiatrist blames it on a traumatic episode he had as a teenager.



The leader of a rock band is accused of tampering with a flamethrower at a concert, which causes the death of 23 people. 


"Everybody Loves Raimondo's"

A film producer is killed at this restaurant known for its mob ties and celebrity clients. 



A novelist dies after undergoing multiple plastic surgeries. Detectives believe her doctor took unnecessary risks.


"Ain't No Love"

A hip-hop performer is accused of murdering a rap mogul, but his friend testifies during the trial that he is the killer.  



An investigation into the death of a conservative talk show host leads to a stalker who claims to be having an affair with his wife. 


"Dining Out"

The host of a popular cooking show is on trial for killing a television executive. However, the trial takes an unexpected turn when a juror is enamored with the client.

Photography Camera


A botched burglary ends in murder, and the apartment in question belongs to a paparazzi who may have compromising photos of a celebrity and her baby.


"In Vino Veritas"

A washed up, anti-Semitic actor is arrested with blood on his clothes. Detectives later discover that a Jewish television producer he has a connection to has been murdered. 


"Charity Case"

The adopted infant of a soap opera star and a relative of the baby's biological father are center to a murder investigation.



A jeweler who caters to the hip-hop community pleads guilty to killing a female rap star. But he later claims that a violent record producer intimidated him into confessing to the crime. 



While investigating the death of a former male prostitute whose memoirs have become a best-seller, Lupo and Bernard discover that the writer was a fraud. 

Theatre actor


The death of a gay male actor exposes a scandal that threatens to bring down a powerful pastor of a large New York church who preaches intolerance.


"Melting Pot"

The murder of a film director leads to motives that include immigration and Muslim fanaticism, but picking the correct one may be difficult.


"Murder Book"

Green and Cassady investigate the death of a publisher who approved a book written by an ex-athlete that describes how he would murder his wife if he was the real killer.


"Reality Bites"

The father of several special needs children is accused of killing his wife over her reluctance to sign off on a reality show based on their family.

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