How can you help me?

Whether you are self-employed or employed by an organization, your creative talents and skills define your livelihood. 

I help creative people like you learn how to leverage the value​ of your talents and skills, allowing you to frame opportunities, assess risks and rewards, negotiate for what you want, and build on your success. 

"Melissa is one street-smart coach."

--Brucie Jacobs, author of Secret Girl​

Who are your clients? 

  • Writers and Artists 
  • Creators of all kinds
  • Academics
  • Professionals in creative fields

Why do clients hire you?

They want to work with someone they can trust, and who makes challenging work fun. 

What can I expect from you?

Structure and Support

Challenging Assignments

Smart Questions

Constructive Feedback

Contacts and Networking

How long is a coaching gig? 

Each client is different. I work according to the client's energy, rhythm, and timeline. Where appropriate, I use collaboration tools such as Evernote, Trello, and Google Docs to keep the conversation and work moving forward. 

How do we work together? 

In New York City, I meet with clients in Breather locations in Chelsea and downtown. Outside of NYC, I work with clients via phone, Skype, or other virtual platforms. 

Breather Space

How do I book an appointment?

​Call Today: 917-628-4547 or Book Online.
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