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A New Growth Spurt

It's mid-July, the corn is high, and I'm celebrating 10 years of working with writers, artists, and creators of all kinds. I feel deep gratitude for my clients, friends, and family. Your examples of courageous creating inspire me to be a better coach and human being. 

Working one-to-one with clients and facilitating workshops, I'm in Awe of how people express the best of themselves through creativity. Creativity is the conscious effort of rising up each day, passing through the mud, following the light. As the roots of Melissa's Coaching Studio go deeper into creative communities, I'm devoting more attention to the meaning and value of work over the course of one's lifetime. To learn more about how I help creative people become powerful, creative people, click here

What You Can Expect to Find Here​

My intention is to empty my notebooks of business experience, publishing adventures, teaching practice, and coaching questions in order to help you have, be, and do more with your creative work. By December 2016, I hope to have posts daily on the following schedule. In the coming weeks, I will invite contributors for Sunday's Living Legacy feature. 

This blog is a conversation. I'm glad you are here!​

Monday = Career Strategy: Best practices to help you define your goals and connect with people.

Tuesday: Marketing Muscles: The why behind marketing practices, how to build the skills, and how to evaluate results. 

Wednesday = Show Me the Money: Value your talent and your opportunities are boundless. 

Thursday = Ancient Wisdom: There is so much to learn from what is visible and invisible, if we these teachers into our lives. 

Friday = Reviews: Books, Movies, Exhibitions, Shows, Restaurants, Products. The works. 

Saturday = Chill Out: Relax, play, laugh, see and do new things.

Sunday = Living Legacy: ​ Essays about teachers, mentors, influencers who shape and inspire us. 

Please Kick the Tires

This is the first post. If you find it does not format properly on your device or you have any other feedback about the design of the site, I welcome your comments and suggestions. Over the next month, I will be adding new functionality and pages. ​