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CHI Energy: A Journal Writing Practice 1

CHI Energy is the fire of life. It's invisible, sacred to our soul. 

A Journal Writing Practice makes the invisible visible for us. 

When our longing for harmonious balance in our lives becomes smothered by infinite busyness, we need a practice to reflect back the beauty in our souls, returning us to balance. A journal writing practice is kinesthetic. You feel the pen whispering across the page, illuminating your observations, thoughts, feelings, reflections, dreams, and infinite possibilities.   

3 Benefits of a Journal Writing Practice




As a form of thinking, writing brings clarity. Our written thoughts point to patterns of what we say "yes" to in our relationships and what we say "no" to in our lives.

Writing by hand is tactile. We slow down to form the letter of each word. This allows us time to distinguish between our emotional states. 

The 21st Century is the Age of Sharing our Selfies.

Are we saying "yes" and "no" in a way that honors our values consistently?

For example, happiness and joy are not the same.

Social media platforms use our personal data to harvest our preferences, hopes, and dreams in order to channel our emotional needs back to us through advertising. 

Read aloud. Each word by your own hand validates your unique role in the world. 

With keyboard typing on a device, the tactile sensation of applying finger pressure to the keys is the same for every letter. We sacrifice reflection for expediency and production. 

To write by hand is to create a sacred and safe space to be alone with our own thoughts and feelings. 

Writing together in an intimate group setting amplifies our collective CHI Energy and strengths our interconnectedness. 

The Structure for Writing Practice Session 1

I. A short meditation led by Mr. RD. Chin, Feng Shui World Master. Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC, facilitates the journal writing. 

II. A warm-up writing exercise with brief discussion

III. Reading a passage from ancient wisdom 

IV. Writing prompt for the writing session

V. Debrief

VI. Exercise: How to mine your journal for personal values

VII. Tips for developing your practice

VIII. Blessing to close our writing practice session. 

We Meet at the SLA Gallery

There is no "wrong" way to practice journal writing.

 Our community goal is to support each other in finding our own practice and deepening it through consistency.

You define your practice simply by showing up and allowing your CHI to flow through your hand and on to the page. 

We meet once each month at the lovely SLA  307 Art Gallery, located at 307 West 30th Street, New York, NY. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Session 2
1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

CHI Energy: A Journal Writing Practice

The SLA Art Gallery will be configured with tables to accommodate our journal writing group.

Please Reserve Your Space

RD and Melissa look forward to welcoming you at the SLA Gallery for this community writing practice. Space is limited. An offering of $10. per person helps to offset the maintenance costs of the space. Your contribution is appreciated.