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Every morning, the lotus bud pushes up through the mud, breaks the water's surface to greet the sun, unfolding its pristine petals before the world. It is an ancient wonder.

Human beings, although not as old as lotus flowers, are also wondrous. We all are connected.  

Profound change or achieving a major goal is a process of "pushing through the mud." The greatest service I can offer you is to be fearless in challenging you to be your best self in any endeavor and to hold you accountable for doing so, gently.  

Consulting is my expertise. Coaching is my practice. Teaching is my calling.  

How We Work Together

You and I appreciate simplicity.  

To begin our consulting or coaching relationship, I encourage you to consider a 45-minute Power-up session by phone. From this session, we'll both have sense of working together.

Please view my calendar and choose the date/time that suits your schedule to book your appointment. I will call you at the appointed time. 

At any point after our first session, I am happy for us to discuss a three to six month, custom consulting or coaching package, if appropriate for your goals and financial investment. Or, you may choose to continue with Power-up sessions at your own pace. It is up to you.

Simple Means a Powerful Structure

While the consulting or coaching topic may be different, each Power-up session offers the following structure to ensure that you leave our time together feeling complete and confident in your action plan. 

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    Structure and Context: At the start of our call, I'll ask you for our specific topic and where you would like to be at the end of the call. During our session, I'll be vigilant about staying on track. No tangents or going down rabbit holes. 
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    Smart Questions: I'll ask you provocative questions in order to develop your 'big picture' thinking. I'll ask you straightforward questions in order to identify potential opportunities, as well as obstacles that you may encounter in pursuit of your goals.
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    Troubleshooting: Where I notice gaps in your communication skills, I will fill-in the background from the perspective of a peer, boss, colleague, or partner.  
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    Constructive Feedback: Based on our discussion, I'll clarify the strengths of your current direction, as well as point out attitudes or habits that may be holding you back.
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    A Skill-focused Action Plan: This is a polite way of saying that I'll give you challenging homework to push you "out of the mud" of your comfort zone. 

My Follow-up Summary to You

Within two business days, I'll email to you a follow-up recap of our discussion, including any recommendations, as appropriate to the topic, and any resources that I believe you may find valuable. 

Consulting: Publishing Strategy

Books matter. And because books matter, it matters to me that you are well-educated in best publishing practices. Call upon my experience as an editor, publisher, editorial director, publishing educator/trainer, and senior executive to pull you through the mud of the publishing landscape and over to the sunny side of success. 

Advance Your Publishing Goals
Dissertation Transformation
Which Book Next?
Abby Straus testimonial for Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC

Abby Straus

" Melissa is a great coach and consultant across the board. She is smart, sensitive, compassionate and infinitely generous with her vast knowledge.

I recommend her highly."

Creativity Coaching: The Heroine's Way

My approach to coaching is a practice of questions, joint explorations, renewing energy, expanding territory, working brilliantly, living joyfully. In essence, a coaching relationship is about honoring your process to express the best of who you are in every aspect of your life, fulfilling the goals you choose to define as meaningful. 

A Heroine is admired for her courage, outstanding achievements and service, regardless of the past or present circumstances surrounding her. She has an innate awareness that through her creative process she is bringing her higher self to the world. 

Whether the creative act is writing a novel or devising a carpool schedule, she finds a way to get it done. 

The Heroine's Way is discovering, naming, and owning your way--your creative impulse and process--in all dimensions of your life circle. 

To schedule your Power-up Session, click your session choice to view my calendar and to book your appointment.

Creating Your Life Purpose Coaching Session with Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC
Creative Career Coaching Session with Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC
Creative Work from Start to Finish Coaching Session with Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC
Diane Gallo testimonial for Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC

Diane Gallo, Poet, Performance Artist

" Melissa and I resonate on the same wavelength--professionally, philosophically, ethically, and emotionally."

A Bit of Backstory That I Bring to Each Assignment

While many people in the publishing business like to call it the "accidental profession," it is literally true for me. To afford graduate school full-time, I worked three different jobs (catering, teaching assistant, and advertising director for the college newspaper). One Saturday in November, I was driving to campus. At the intersection, the stoplight was green and I intended to make a right turn. 

The oncoming driver, who turned out to be someone I knew, a county councilman and a lawyer, turned left in front of me. I swerved to miss him and smacked a light pole instead. I was fine. My car was not. The acquaintance/councilman/lawyer had no car insurance. 

The following day, I picked-up the Sunday newspaper and browsed the job ads. It occurred to me that I could get a sales job with a company car. Facing the fact that a full-time job was my best option going forward, I answered the advertisement for a sales representative with a publisher. 

So by accident (if there is such a thing), I began my publishing career as sales representative for Prentice-Hall/Simon & Schuster. Tooling around in a spiffy Chevy Celebrity to visit professors across college campuses in Indiana, I had no idea it was all going to lead to you reading this page today. 

Academic, Professional and Trade Publishing

While it is hard for me to believe the book is now in its seventh edition, the first manuscript I bought as an acquisitions editor for HarperCollins College was Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures by Myron W. Lustig and Jolene Koester.

On reflection, I believe this book matters to our future now more than ever. I am grateful for the dedication these authors have shown to deepening our connection to one global community. 

Throughout my publishing career, I've had the privilege to work with outstanding thought leaders in the humanities, business, politics, international relations and culinary arts. I've acquired nonfiction titles and have led editorial teams for HarperCollins, Van Nostrand Reinhold, Routledge in New York, and served as the editorial director for McGraw-Hill International based in London.

While I always taught the editors under my charge "no favorites," I'll mention here, for the purpose of context, a few of my titles that I am especially proud to have published: Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Age by Frederick S. Lane, III. At the time, colleagues said that publishing this controversial follow-the-money book by a first-time author would ruin my career. Instead, this book contributed to law enforcement cracking child porn rings and prosecuting the traffickers. The author has written numerous books since. 

After reading the manuscript for Operation Pedro Pan: The Untold Exodus of 14,048 Cuban Children by Yvonne M. Conde, I was in an awe of the author's courage and tenacity to acquire government documents under the Freedom of Information Act. Conde, a Pedro Pan child, called the world's attention to how 14,048 Cuban children became separated from their parents and were scattered in foster homes and orphanages across the United States. Some families, years later, were reunited, while others lost the connection all together.

An inspiring story, Operation Pedro Pan is all the more poignant and relevant given the immigration debate today. 

The trade publication of Operation Pedro Pan led me to study and assess the academic market for a new series about Latin America. I sought out Jorge Domínguez, director of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard. He assembled an incredible team of scholars to write a 10-book series. Working with him on the first book in the series, Toward Mexico's Democratization: Parties, Campaigns, Elections, and Public Opinion was a great pleasure. 

Courage, passion, discipline were qualities I sought in my author prospects. My standard has not changed. I look for these qualities in potential clients, too. 

I commit to projects of enduring value by authors who are prepared to go the distance. 

"I have written a number of books for various publishers and, by far, Melissa has been my favorite editor. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and organized in the rather chaotic world of publishing. But perhaps most important, Melissa anticipates problems before they arise and has workable solutions at the ready. She is a delight to work with on any project."

Richard M. Steers, past president, Academy of Management

Coaching the World Forward

While I was living in London and working as the editorial director for McGraw-Hill International, I met Samantha Collins, founder of the Aspire Companies, a coaching and consultancy specializing in women's leadership and development. I hired Samantha as my coach for six months.

As a result of working with Samantha, I made the bold decision to change my career path and my life path.  

When I returned to New York City, I enrolled in The Coaches Training Institute, a training program that has been hailed as the "gold standard" by the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate, where they have linked the four cornerstones of the Co-Active Coaching Model to evidence-based scientific research. 

I completed the coursework, supervision requirements, and passed the written and oral exams, earning my certification as a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC).   

Then, I opened Melissa's Coaching Studio, LLC in order to work with academics, writers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs in writing and the arts. It's been an incredible journey. Every morning, I look forward to working with clients as well as working on my own creative projects. 

"Melissa is to me what Theo was to Vincent. You can count on her support, especially in the darkest moments."

Dominque-Charles Janssens, President and Founder, Institut Van Gogh,

Auvers-sur-Oise, France 

Teaching Across Cultures

I am grateful to Chris Kartchner, technologist extraordinaire, for arranging a lunch meeting with Professor Sherman Raskin, Director, Master of Science in Publishing program at Pace University. Our meeting took place during the early days of the digital revolution.

I was climbing the digital ascent at Van Nostrand Reinhold, then owned by Thomson Corporation, with a new website for culinary professionals. Within the corporation, The Professional Culinary Resource Center was recognized as one of their Top 10 Innovations

Sherman hired me to join Pace's adjunct faculty to teach Book Sales & Distribution Methods to the graduate students enrolled in the program. Every Monday evening for 16 weeks, the class met in person. While some students came from New York and around the United States, almost half the class came from Asia, Europe, and South America. 

I'll always remember one student from Japan. His father owned a publishing company in Tokyo. But this student did not want to be a business publisher. He wanted to become a "big" music publisher. His father would not hear of it. Further, his father was coming to New York and expected a progress report on his son's studies. 

The student proposed writing two papers. Would I be willing to grade one paper on business publishing that he could present to his father; at the same time, he would write a second paper on music publishing, which would be the paper he would submit for the course grade?

Mythologist Joseph Campbell said often that he regretted saying "follow your bliss" because what he really meant was "follow your blisters." 

My student "followed his blisters" and wrote two papers. I appreciated his teaching me that no obstacle can stop any one of us from following our true calling. 

While at Pace, I also had the honor of co-leading executive training programs for several of China's largest media enterprises, including the Phoenix Media Group, Hunan Publishing, and the China Publishing Group

Sherman Raskin

Sherman Raskin, Director, Pace Publishing Program

"Melissa Rosati is an outstanding professional. Her knowledge of the industry and dedication as teacher offered great opportunity to our students. Most important, she is nurturing, caring, and brings her hard work and commitment to whatever project she is committed."


Your Reason for Choosing Me

Thank you for your attention. I hope this background gives you a clear picture of my approach and spheres of experience. 

When you are ready to hire me, I will ask you, "why me?" I ask in order for you to voice for yourself the commitment you are making to "pushing up through the mud" and to your transformation into a new place in the sun. 

You will have my commitment and full dedication to the success you will create for yourself.

In Person Appointments, Group Coaching, Workshops

If you are living in New York City or visiting and would like a consulting or coaching session in person, my Studio space is near Penn Station.

It includes a consult room, a workshop room (20 people), and an outdoor patio (nature breaks are important!). 

98 Teachers, this beautiful quilt by Alberta Hutchinson, graces the Studio

Please contact me directly at 917.628.4547 to schedule your appointment. My email address is melissarosati(at)me(dot)com.

98 Teachers by Alberta Hutchinson